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 ​“Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.”

                                                                                   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Christian Life Coaching 

Christian Life Coaching is a faith based and God centered approach to  obtaining your goals. Christian Life Coaching applies the principles of faith to life's challenges and goal achievement.

Christian Faith Development

Free Christian Faith Development Coaching. Christian faith development coaching assists the new Christian in the initial steps in the walk with Christ, as well as encouraging those who are further in that walk.  

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Summarized Faith Statement: 

  • There is only one true God. The first person of the Trinity: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus Christ offered Himself as a sacrifice, substitution and payment for our sin.
  • He was crucified, died and buried and on the third day, He arose  from the dead, ascended into Heaven and we await His glorious return.
  • Salvation is only found through  Jesus Christ. 
  • The believer is declared righteous, born again by the Holy Spirit, turned from sin, and assured of Heaven.

The first steps in the faith walk can be new and exciting. Whether you are a firm believer or a person who is not  quit sure of all this Jesus stuff, send me an email. It would be a great blessing to hear from you.

Stress Management 

The focus of Stress Management Coaching is to help the client develop effective tools and strategies to manage/limit the amount of stress in their lives. Coaching can provide that extra support in managing those day to day stresses that keep us  from being as happy and fulfill as we want to be.

We have all had "one of those days" that turns into one of those weeks or months. Our professional and personal lives create stress and not all stress is bad, but  unmanaged stress can lead to burn out. Those every day stresses that are unmanaged make us unable to focus and cope. It affects all aspects of our lives if we do not have the tool to keep it in check.

At Johnston's Christian Life Coaching, a Christian faith based approach can be applied to the process of managing stress if you choose.

Personal Development 

Personal Development Coaching covers a wide array of goal objectives. A client may wish to focus their attention on a particular part of their life that they would like to develop or improve upon, such as, Continuing Adult Education, Relaxation, Goal Setting, Christian faith and etc. 

Personal development is something we should always strive for. We all have Great things inside of us. We have the capabilities and passion and we only need to focus it in the right direction.

The Direct Support Professional Coaching

 The role of the Direct Support Professional is to provide supports and services to individuals with a variety of needs. They come along side individuals and develop the helping relationship that facilitates a supportive and functional environment that is conducive for success. Direct Support Professionals must embody, practice and maintain the highest of ethical standards. Ethical principles and Core Competencies of the field not only set the high standards of the career, they also reflect the professionalism, commitment and quality required of the role.

The Direct Support Professional enhances the ability of individuals  to lead a self-determined life with meaning and value. It is the DSP that lays the ground work for successful relationships; providing options and opportunities for individuals to experience new possibilities, making connections with natural supports and assisting individuals in achieving those life enriching qualities and benefits of being a recognizable and valued member of a community.

The coaching focus is centered on: *Managing Stress in the Workplace *Professional Development *Exploring Worldviews and Spirituality *Social Role Development *Exploring Passions.



Johnston's Christian Coaching is one of the most affordable coaching services.

  • Initial consultations for all Coaching:                 Free
  • Christian Faith Development Life Coaching :    Free 
  • Stress Management and Personal Development:  Fees apply. Contact for low cost pricing 

 More Free  Coaching is coming soon!

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